PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE MY COPYRIGHT INFORMATION ON THE COPYRIGHT PAGE IN YOUR BOOKS. You may write this in as "Cover design by Nichole W. at Rainy Day Artwork ©2021"


In most cases, I am licensing (paying money to use) the stock photos used on these book covers. Authors can't own full exclusive rights to my artwork because we don't have exclusive rights to those photos. They're used by anyone who has a subscription to that same stock site. 

My copyright protects from anyone blatantly copying, editing, or stealing my work. 

Do not change or alter my artwork in any way without asking me. This includes animation or writing on top of it to show me something. I may ask for this but don't assume, please. No one likes to see someone changing our hard work. 

My cover art may NOT be resold in any fashion by an author who purchased it. The sale will always be through me. I hold the license. 

All sales are final.




During this stage I want to know everything you’re absolutely adamant about being on your cover. I want to know all about your story. What colors you like for the cover. What colors you DON’T like. Try to be as detailed and picky as you can be in THIS STAGE. This is the stage where you can do that, and it will not upset me. So please let it all hang out lol.

Please don’t send me book covers designed by other artists for me to emulate.

Next, I’ll begin my search for stock photos that I think will work. It is particularly important that
YOU LET ME PICK THE STOCK PHOTOS. I know best what I can work with. I know how I’m ordering the 6x9 scene with the other elements on the cover. I’m the cover artist here. Let me take care of it. I will give you several options to pick from. If you like none of those, I’ll give you several more. And so on until you’re happy. I’m very happy to do this so please don’t think it annoys me. This is part of my job. (If you are adamant about using a photo you found, we’ll discuss.)

This is the stage where I bend the most. I want to work with you. I want this cover to be perfect for your story. In this stage, it’s whatever you want.
And I haven’t yet told someone “I can’t make that idea” in this stage. It’s later, when things are changed where it throws a wrench in my plans.


In this stage I go quiet. I generally work very quickly. Searching for stock while I wait for the idea to form takes the longest. Once I’m in photoshop, things will progress fairly quickly. If you have confirmation from me that I’m in photoshop working on the cover you’ll have your cover within 3-4 days barring any emergencies.


This stage is what will most determine the price of your cover. I will present a “Final Draft” for your consideration. I don’t show stage progress on my work anymore. It just causes confusion and really messes with my process. During this stage you can either OMG I LOVE IT TY TY TY. Or, you can sleep on it, come up with a complete list of revisions you’d like done for a one time edit.

If I make those revisions and you’re still unhappy (this has never happened), and you’d like more changes, the cover will become more expensive to cover my work costs.

And a quick side note here. I'm not here to be insulted. And we all know how to be kind and give constructive criticism. All placements on my schedule are at my discretion. If I feel like we won't work well together, trust me when I say, it's best if we walk away asap. There is literally no amount of money you could give me where it's ok to abuse my good will.