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If you are interested in purchasing one of these covers, please contact me via one of the Social Medial platorms linked above.


These covers are designed by me using "stock photography" licensed at Shutterstock and/or Depositphotos. 

They are available for any author who wants them.

Minor changes are free. Please describe and finalize the list of changes you would like to have done on the cover before completing the sale with me. 


If you need this cover made into a series, please check with me first to ensure that there are enough photos of that model available to fit the number of books. 


Yes, I haggle. Make me an offer. I won't be insulted. But you must also not be embarrassed or upset if I say no. 


You may change the font and title, one time, to whatever you like, with no extra charge.

All sales are final. 

All payment must be made in USD

These covers may not be resold at any time. I hold the license. The transaction must be through me. 

The partial rights to this particular piece of artwork remains mine. The full rights to the stock photography used, remains with the photographers that took the stock photos. 


Show your "love". Hover over the cover to see an option to give me hearts!

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