My name is Nichole W. Rainy Day Artwork was established in May 2018.


My mom, Melody, was also nicknamed 'Stormy' by her dad. He refused to call her anything else and I later designed the tattoo on her arm with that moniker. This is the name that inspired "Rainy Day". In 2016 she passed away from glioblastoma. My best friend and the person who knew me best. I love her dearly. 

It was her suggestion that I design book covers. She knew my two great loves were art and reading. Why not marry the two? So here we are. 


I have 19 years (or so) experience using Photoshop. I've been studying both digital and traditional art and taking art classes since I was 5. As for traditional art, I'm trained in pencil drawing, water color, acrylic painting, photography (including dark room development). 

I do not limit myself in genre for the book covers I make. I like to explore and I would like room to grow. I love working closely with authors to create a beautiful book together. I love my job. Thank you all so much!